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Orbico ruled the scene on GDM BRAUN Global Symposium in Budva/Montenegro

Another massive success achieved by our Electro Teams from Poland, Croatia/Slovenia and Hungary.

Out of the 9 categories, three awards went to Orbico experts in front of the respresentatives of 70+ countries where BRAUN is handled by P&G GDM and its Distributor Partners.

Within the worldwide scope from Singapore to South-America, Orbico Group and Orbico CES countries secured their leading role and had been recognized for

Best Peak Execution / Poland 
Best Female Portfolio Execution /...

The newest recognitions and awards from P&G GDM world

P&G GDM Braun CES, CEN, Baltics, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Russia region, on ceremony happened last week in Ljubljana, Slovenia, recognized 2 teams among all markets as most successful ones:

1. ORBICO Croatia/Slovenia – for the best “Proven Campaign Award – Best initiative exploitation Female”
2. ORBICO Croatia/Slovenia – for the best “Physical Availability Award – Best golden store execution”
3. ORBICO Hungary – for the “Winning Portfolio Award – Best PEAK activation”
4. ORBICO Hungary...

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